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Calling all fleet managers!

Whether your fleet consists of 5 trucks or 500 vans, we would love to offer our service to you!

The UPS story

Clean = Professional

Did you know UPS drivers start every day by detailing their truck? 

UPS maintains clean trucks as a reflection of their commitment to professionalism, efficiency, and customer satisfaction. Cleanliness is essential for projecting a positive image, ensuring operational efficiency, enhancing safety, and fostering customer trust. Regular cleaning helps identify maintenance issues, reduces the risk of mechanical failures, promotes driver visibility, and contributes to a positive delivery experience for customers.

Our Latest

Recently, Grand Canyon University contracted us to detail, paint correct and ceramic coat 15 of their fleet vehicles

Our team delivered our quality service in just 3 days

Safe to say: they were very pleased


What we do:

We provide high-quality interior and exterior detailing to bring your vehicle back to brand new.

Paint Correction: We offer paint enhancements and corrections to bring back the shine of your work vehicles. This removes most exterior defects such as scratches, swirls and blemishes.

Fleet Ceramic Coating

As a company, your biggest investment is your vehicles

The best way to protect a vehicle is ceramic coating. We offer bulk discounts on ceramic packages to protect your fleet from road grime, overspray and job site debris

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