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Car Shampoo

  • High Foam
  • Made for tough dirt
  • Cherry Scent


Our Car Shampoo is meant to be used after a long day in the desert hoppin' dunes and running puddles. It is the toughest on mud and the safest on your car's painted surfaces. 

Car Shampoo is a highly concentrated car soap that is safe on all paint, wraps, coatings and vinyl decals. Spray in a foam cannon or fill a bucket with sudsy water, 2-4 ounces is all you need!


Instructions: Mix 2-4 Ounces with water in a high-pressure foam cannon or mix with a bucket. Apply to car and let sit for 3-6 minutes and then agitate with a microfiber mitt or towel. Spray off to reveal a clean exterior.

Car Shampoo

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